Financial Consulting

The hotel is a company,
and as such it needs to acquire financial skills.

ExWorksMilan is able to support management in the analysis of financial needs and in the search for sources to meet them. 

Administrative Consultancy (from bookkeeping to tax consultancy, from budget preparation to due diligence in the case of hotel purchases) is also an activity that ExWorksMilan provides to support its customers.



We identify and resolve the critical issues that the hotel entrepreneur has to face. The analysis we do and the advice we offer result from our fact-based approach that makes the solutions we propose credible.


We work alongside our customers as one sole team. We transfer the necessary skills and competences to them, involving them in all phases of the project to ensure they proceed independently even after its conclusion.


We use resources efficiently, and verify the effectiveness of the plans implemented by monitoring sales performance (ROI). We create training and incentive plans for the hotel team. We gain customers trust with our experience and commitment.


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