Sales & Revenue

Selling is an experience that comes from afar; it needs to be taken care of at all stages and in every detail, spreading its culture and method in each and every corner of the hotel in order to generate income.

We go hand-in-hand with the customer on the choice and use of new working tools, with know-how, experience, professionalism and support.

We are experts in:
1. Commercial & Marketing Strategies
  • we set goals
  • we develop strategies
  • we create commercial and marketing plans (aka sales & marketing activity plan).

We also support you directly in the field, boosting your hotel sales. We check the effectiveness of the plans implemented monitoring sales performance (ROI), and create incentive plans for the sales force. We develop new sales opportunities to acquire and retain customers, and we focus on developing new markets to increase revenue with the experience, know-how and professionalism of a Sales & Marketing Director of international hotel chains.

2. Feasibility study, business plan and budget
  • We identify the risks and opportunities of the project, defining the probability of success and the economic and financial sustainability. We carry out a thorough analysis and a careful assessment of the characteristics, costs and results of the project. We take care of drawing up the business plan for:

    providing the hotelier with a precise idea of his business model (listing objectives, strategies, sales development, financial forecasts, etc.);

    giving the hotelier a planning tool (to be updated and possibly changed during construction);

    obtaining financing from banking institutions.

    We also draw up the budget so that the hotel entrepreneur is aware of what the revenues and costs are (for the following year) by developing commercial strategies (and more), and action plans to achieve the objectives set.

3. Revenue Management

Revenue management, combined with a targeted strategy, commercial and marketing activities, allows you to maximize the sales and the performance of your hotel: we have all these ingredients, a result of our twenty-year experience as sales & marketing director, to drive your hotel to success.

We analyse several factors: historical sales data, competition, use of resources, distribution channels, hotel segmentation, also applying technology in order to achieve tangible and long-lasting results. Our mission is to provide know-how to the hotel team, teach them a method and how to take advantage of every business opportunity with proven and innovative revenue and sales techniques.


SALE OF ROOMS Selling at the best rate, obtaining the maximum profit from every single room and every day.


SALE OF SERVICES Selling at the best rate, obtaining the maximum profit from food & beverages, meeting spaces, the Spa and much more.

4. Brand Identity: brand is everything! ​

We support the hotelier in defining the brand identity of his business with the competence, know-how and professionalism that distinguish us, because for us BRAND IS EVERYTHING:

• generates credibility in the market;

• helps removing the intermediation of OTAs;

• increases direct bookings;

• increases visibility;

• and above all, increases the turnover!

The brand of your structure and its correct positioning in the market are the most important ingredients for building effective and distinguishing communication from competitors. We define the unique selling points (USP or value of your offer) of the hotel and leverage these to create targeted communication and convey a recognizable and effective image, reflecting it on all the touch points of your hotel.

5. Temporary commercial & marketing management ​

I am a sales & marketing director at your service to increase your hotel sales without the commitment and burden of a permanent contract. I have been a DOSM (Director of Sales & Marketing) of international chain hotels for twenty years, I know my job, the market, customers and partners well, and I know the way to achieve successful goals.

6. Sales Team

We take care of commercial development by directly training your hotel staff, or by dedicating a sales manager to develop sales for your hotel. We train and reorganize a non-performing sales team to increase productivity and the profitability of the hotel. We provide our consulting services for optimising and restructuring the sales team, selecting candidates in line with your expectations and with maximum efficiency of employment.



We identify and resolve the critical issues that the hotel entrepreneur has to face. The analysis we do and the advice we offer result from our fact-based approach that makes the solutions we propose credible.


We work alongside our customers as one sole team. We transfer the necessary skills and competences to them, involving them in all phases of the project to ensure they proceed independently even after its conclusion.


We use resources efficiently, and verify the effectiveness of the plans implemented by monitoring sales performance (ROI). We create training and incentive plans for the hotel team. We gain customers trust with our experience and commitment.


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