Staff training

“Training doesn’t mean filling a vase, but lighting a fire.”

The team is the basis of success: the contribution of the individual determines the good results of the hotel.

This is why ExWorksMilan believes that training is not only a way to grow, but also an exchange of ideas and best practices that lead employees to feel motivated and part of a team.

We train staff, implement procedures, and define quality standards to improve employee performance and their attitude towards customers, while optimizing hotel sales. It is therefore essential to create a corporate culture, whose values ​​and mission are shared by all staff.

The hotel structure in its best running requires perfect synchrony of operation throughout all levels of the organization chart, in order to ensure a service that fully satisfies the needs and expectations of guests. Our “Customer Centric” approach is based on the belief that a smile or a kind gesture contributes to positive reviews.




We identify and resolve the critical issues that the hotel entrepreneur has to face. The analysis we do and the advice we offer result from our fact-based approach that makes the solutions we propose credible.


We work alongside our customers as one sole team. We transfer the necessary skills and competences to them, involving them in all phases of the project to ensure they proceed independently even after its conclusion.


We use resources efficiently, and verify the effectiveness of the plans implemented by monitoring sales performance (ROI). We create training and incentive plans for the hotel team. We gain customers trust with our experience and commitment.


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