Hotel Repositioning

Making a hotel successful means not only achieving brilliant economic results, but also satisfied and happy guests.​



Failure to achieve the economic goals set is usually the reason that pushes the hotel entrepreneur to undertake the decision to reposition their hotel.

Our presence will be important for: 

  • allowing the entrepreneur to acknowledge that cost management control is not the only method to have a good margin, but it is essential to change the “vision” to achieve objectives; 
  • re-evaluating the business model with respect to the location, market, purpose and competitors;
  • identifying the target and defining new objectives;
  • creating new services and new proposals; 
  • identifying, analysing and studying the weaknesses of the hotel to develop strategies to achieve winning results;
  • implementing a clear revenue strategy aimed at optimizing sales and maximizing profits.

ExWorksMilan in the capacity of advisor guides the hotel entrepreneur in all phases of the repositioning project with twenty years of experience and know-how.



We identify and resolve the critical issues that the hotel entrepreneur has to face. The analysis we do and the advice we offer result from our fact-based approach that makes the solutions we propose credible.


We work alongside our customers as one sole team. We transfer the necessary skills and competences to them, involving them in all phases of the project to ensure they proceed independently even after its conclusion.


We use resources efficiently, and verify the effectiveness of the plans implemented by monitoring sales performance (ROI). We create training and incentive plans for the hotel team. We gain customers trust with our experience and commitment.

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