Social & Digital Marketing

The presence of your hotel on all digital platforms is the basis for generating brand awareness and turnover.​

The presence on all digital platforms (website, social media, OTA, etc.) is the basis for generating brand awareness and turnover. The hotel must be well positioned and visible in search engines, because visibility and positioning are essential to maximize sales.

It is therefore essential to convey to your potential customers the uniqueness of the experience they will have in your hotel.

It is therefore important that the experience of your guests is shared on all digital platforms as it is the first contact, even if virtual, that you have with your customers or potential customers, and it is also an excellent channel to convey your offer, uniqueness and quality.

Would you like to increase the visibility of your hotel online?


We at ExWorksMilan are by your side to:

  • manage social media with creativity and with a completely innovative expertise on the market, resulting from our experience;
  • increase the number of positive reviews to build a solid brand reputation;
  • increase the conversion of bookings;
  • increase visibility;
  • manage PPC (pay per click) and ADS campaigns to remove intermediation by OTAs and increase direct bookings on the hotel website, increase brand awareness and enhance the Fanpage;
  • process SEO-oriented texts, by the use of keywords to increase organic traffic.

To date, the experience of each person can be shared at any time on social networks, and this makes it an ideal tool to learn about tastes, needs and demands of future customers, and allows you to implement a specific strategy for each individual buyer. The digital presence of your hotel is therefore crucial if you wish to increase the volume of business.




We identify and resolve the critical issues that the hotel entrepreneur has to face. The analysis we do and the advice we offer result from our fact-based approach that makes the solutions we propose credible.


We work alongside our customers as one sole team. We transfer the necessary skills and competences to them, involving them in all phases of the project to ensure they proceed independently even after its conclusion.


We use resources efficiently, and verify the effectiveness of the plans implemented by monitoring sales performance (ROI). We create training and incentive plans for the hotel team. We gain customers trust with our experience and commitment.


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