VIDEOGAME AND HOTEL: towards an increasingly tech world

VIDEOGAME AND HOTEL: towards an increasingly tech world

Did you know that the 90% of the global population considers themselves gamers?

And it’s not just young people who are passionate about video games: 36% of players are between the ages of 25 and 35, the 24% are under 20, and the remaining 40% are 35 years old and older. The “Gamer” generation has become a real Marketing and Business target. Even the hospitality industry has decided to follow the new trend towards different scenarios that have certainly expanded and were once considered mostly the purview of science fiction.

The pioneer was “The Arcade Hotel“, in the city of Amsterdam, the first in the world to offer guests the opportunity to play video games not only in their rooms, but also in common areas (halls, lobbies, lounges, and bars), setting up dedicated spaces available to the public with the best hi-tech equipment and free consoles and arcade games.

But they didn’t stop there: while in the lounge there used to be books on art, photography, and history, now there is a real “video game library” for all ages and genres, from the latest releases to editions that have made video game history. An extensive range of video games is available from the reception, and all rooms are equipped with flat-screen TVs and consoles to use for free. Additionally, the hotel’s bar in the lobby is equipped with handheld and portable consoles, so guests are not limited to playing only in their rooms. The hotel has skillfully customized its services, always pursuing the ultimate goal of generating extra revenue. For example, the minibar is in a “maxi” format and boasts any kind of drink, soft drink, or energy drink, as well as countless snacks, sweets, savory treats, and delicacies of all kinds to delight the guest-gamer. The hotel’s furnishings have been studied in every detail and follow a modern design trend with evident pop references.

The Arcade Hotel has become a true institution for passionate gamer-travelers: it is the first hotel in Europe dedicated to video games. It has been able to create and develop a unique concept that strongly characterizes its brand identity.

“The goal,” explains Daniel Salmanovich, owner of the structure, “was to turn the hotel into a special place for game lovers. A place where gamers and travelers can feel at home with friends“.

“As proof that the brand is everything”– by Ex Worksmilan

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