The innovation

The innovation

Innovation. Very often this word can be scary, but at the same time, it can also inspire us a lot. So, why does it scare us so much? Could it be due to the idea of the “unknown”?

Having to adapt to something new to us, to make mistakes and to stumble a thousand times only in order to return to the usual routine.

Thefear of not being able to cope and adapt makes us more insecure. On one hand, this may not be a bad thing, but, on the other hand, when the insecurity is too much, we risk feeling stuck and still. When we felel stuck, we are unable to move and to take a step forward. However, it is that step that allows us to see the world from another point of view and from a new perspective.

Innovation means embracing all the new opportunities opportunities that can be found in our surroundings. It is journey where we may make mistakes and stumble. However, thanks to those mistakes we learn, grow and evolve. We will have a more open mind, more room for new ideas, not only useful on a personal level, but also on a professional level. Having an open mind means being able to look beyond.

Many companies are afraid to innovate, because they are afraid of losing control of what they already have. They prefer to stay in their comfort zone, because they are afraid of taking risks and starting over from a blank sheet of paper.

With ExWorksMilan I started my experience in hospitality: as I entered into a new reality, I felt both concerned and motivated. Beginning a new journey with an innovative company gave me the motivation to learn new skills and new experiences.

Innovation as a source of inspiration. We can feel inspired by innovation, because it makes us feel electrified and it is as if we are children again: we are full of courage, desire, confidence, curiosity and joy.

We live in a reality that is constantly changing and, if we do not adapt, we risk falling behind, especially behind our competitors. We risk missing opportunities crucial for our own business, for our company’s development or for our personal growth.

You have to keep up with evolution and you must be flexible, because not being able to embrace the future is harmful to yourself and to the people around you. We must change our mind-set and stop seeing innovation as a threat or as an obstacle. Instead, we must learn how to accept it as a part of our journey to achieve our goals.

Nothing is permanent and a key to success is knowing how to adapt and how to get out of the box. Which means, to get out of how we used to think and learn how to catch external inputs. Because doing so, you will never stop learning.


Giselle Atienza

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